On Friday, we read the CD

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On Friday, we read the CD of legal education, which inspired me a lot.t of teenagers on the CD, they made a law. They are now locked into the big wall and regret it. When they saw their loved ones, they were listening to their education. Of course, listening to it is too late. If you listen to their advice, you will not fall into this quagmire. None of them cares about the family. No one does not regret it. No one does not want to change it and go outside the big wall to gain freedom. If they give them a last chance, they will, there are many examples around us. For example, if a classmate dies the rubber of another classmate, the classmate will definitely go to him to settle the account, and it will inevitably fight. When playing, someone just made a joke and took something of someone else, and that person thought he was deliberate, and went up to fight. Nowadays, many juvenile offenders have a rule: dropouts--loss-------------- There are often many people who don't want to kill, but they kill others in self-defense. The reason for many juvenile crimes: they don't focus on learning Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa, but they hang out in the community or go online to meet some bad guys.d always focus on learning. We must not only learn mathematics and literary works, but also learn ideology and morality. We must start from now, start with me, and get along with others to be united and friendly Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, respect each other, be generous and generous, not to be a little bit. Small things and care, we must have a correct view of the mind, not only to develop moral, intellectual, and physical, but also to be a new talent with good psychological quality, psychological health, can reduce juvenile pay attention to it, put an end to crime, especially juvenile delinquency! Strive to be an excellent young pioneer. The film "Titanic" sensationalized the country with its success, which has touched many people. Listening to Dad, at the awards ceremony of the 7th Academy Awards, it won 11 of the 14 nominations and created a miracle in the history of the film. ago, I was playing this movie on TV. I was fortunate enough to watch this movie. I was very touched after reading it. Especially when the big ship hits the iceberg and is about to sink into the sea, a touching picture appears. The male protagonist Jack found a piece of wood on the sea that escaped only by one person. He put his girlfriend Ruth up, and he soaked in the cold water, waiting for the call of death calmly; the captain ordered his crew to take the lifeboat Let the elderly, children and women, and himself and his family, the crew must live together with the big ship... I saw this touching scene, my mood washe movie was finished, my heart was warm and warm Newport Short Cigareetes, sitting on the sofa, long time of contemplation: on the one hand, it was a pity for the sinking of such a luxurious ship, and it was saddened that so many people were buried in the sea together with the big ship Cheap Newport Regular Online. On the other hand, I admire the noble behavior of Jack, the captain and others. At the same time, I also understood the theme of "Titanic", that is, something that human beings are pursuing and that are very much needed, love. Because Jack loves his girlfriend, he is willing to sacrifice himself and let the female friend live well. Because the captain loves his own boat passengers, he can calmly arrange lifeboats in front of the distress to let the elderly, children and women flee. This kind of love is noble, and I think this knows that people cannot be without love. A person, without the love of his parents, will feel very depressed; a family, without mutual love between the young and the old, will not have happiness and beauty; human beings without mutual love will not have group cohesion and society. Civilization Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online. Love is the power of the survival and development of humanink that love is mutual, you give love to others, others will give you the most sincere love. By then, the world will become a beautiful world.ent] This movie is very touching. You can learn to summarize and express emotions. I hope to continue to work hard.

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