Reading red rock you know

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Reading red rock you know why the mountains and rivers of the motherland are so beautiful? Do you know why the red scarf is so red? "Red Rock", it will tell you. forget the day of November 27, 1949, the Kuomintang reactionaries inhumanely created the Geleshan massacre that shocked China and foreign countries on the eve of the escape Online Cigarettes Free Shipping. More than 200 heroes? On the eve of the liberation of Chongqing, hate to drink bullets. Gele Mountain is shouting in the sky, sad and strong!pair of real photos in the book, the first magnificent poem, the touching story, shows us the revolutionary historical facts of the revolutionary martyrs fighting heroes under the white terror, showing their courage Sacrifice the spirit of self-optimism.ost touching thing is Jiang��s deeds. After the sacrifice of her husband, she refused to take care of the party organization and firmly said: "Go to the place where Lao Peng fell down and continue to fight." After being arrested for traitor betrayal Newport Short, she was caught in a dregs hole concentration camp. When the enemy tortured her with various kinds of torture and asked her to hand over the organizational relationship Cartons Of Newports, she was always unyielding and tight-lipped. She also organized comrades in prison to study Comrade Mao Zedong's "New Democracy" and persist in the struggle in prison Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online.e are also the martyrs such as Luo Shiwen, Yang Hucheng, and Chen Ran. They are rich and prosperous, infertile, unyielding, and unyielding. All of them are iron and steel. Their spirits are soaring and weeping, why are they so regretless? What? I thought deeply, and suddenly I thought of the poems of the martyrs: "In order to avoid the suffering of the next generation, I am willing to wear this cell," "I will give my blood to the soil, and I will be replaced by the Chinese Yong Taiping." I wish, the blood and blood will change for China...". what! I thought of it, it was the revolutionary martyrs who exchanged the blood for our happy life today and exchanged for the new China! A first sentence, a sentence deeply shocked the hearts of every descendant of the Yellow Emperor. book "Red Rock" has brought me tremendous enlightenment. It leads us to love China, defend China, lead us to the cutting edge of world technology Marlboro Wholesale, and become the successor of the 21st century.ates, believe it, in the land of the East, the spirit of "Red Rock" will radiate the light and shine!

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