I have a sister, her name is Wen Jing.

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I have a sister, her name is Wen Jing. Although the name is Wen Jing, but she is not quiet at all, noisy all day, I really want to change her name, called: "noisy."though my sister is not very good, I really want to be my sister. When a sister can get a lot of benefits. When I eat something, my sister eats first; what I buy is what my sister says is what I want; sleeping is also my sister sleeping in a big bed Newport 100S. My sister is just like the leader of the country. Everything is her master. I am like a bug in her eyes. As soon as she cries, her mother will yell at me and say that I bully my sister again. I am overwhelmed by the grievances. I really want to be a sister!lways dream of going through time and space and changing my age with my sister Carton Of Marlboro Reds. If it's really a change, then I don't have to study, do housework, be beaten, or suffer, but the truth is always cruel, I am still a sister anyway Carton Of Newports. Eh! Cup!act, when everything doesn't matter, I now realize that everything is the same, both good and bad Cheap Cigarettes.n 2023, I am already a lovely girl Cigarette Online. I became a "model". I have a monthly salary of 25,890 yuan. I live with my mother and sister. Every month, we will go out and have fun. Because both my sister and I will make money on our own money, we will never have to ask for money from our mother as before. We are very fulfilled.n I am a model, I am very busy every day, busy dressing up and going to the catwalk. To be honest, I said: "There will be no pie in the sky. It is true to work on your own." When I work, I will have something to gain - money. I have to earn a little more money so that my mother can live a good life and want her mother to be proud of meork hard for my career. I must persevere and stand on the same starting line with others. I will not easily admit defeat. My biggest enemy is not others, but myself. As long as I defeat myself, I will be defeated. All the difficulties, although I may fight to the old and die, but I am willing, I want to work hard to be a person similar to "Lu Xun", so that more people will be proud of me.grew up and I learned to be strong, brave and confident. I don't think about the same as before. Even the "devils and ghosts" that people say are scared and sweaty. Now they will understand that those are fake. What people say is not necessarily true. Maybe people just lie to you and make fun of it. I am not afraid of anything now, I have to be brave.

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