Rain is the heart of nature, and every

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Rain is the heart of nature, and every rain has a different rhyme. Winter rain is more fascinating.winter, it is rarely raining. If it is down, the time is short.t day, I was reading at home. Suddenly, the dazzling sun, like a shy girl, hid in the clouds like a curtain. The clouds gathered and became dense. With the feeling, I know that the rain is coming. Sure enough, within a half hour Cigarettes For Sale, a few drops of tiny raindrops fell silently, and at the moment of landing, the most beautiful raindrops in their lives were opened. Then, more naughty little raindrops jumped from the clouds Marlboro Menthol 100S, fell into the garden, fell into the trees, fell on the river, fell on the grass Online Cigarettes, and there were many small raindrops that creeped into the human hair and drilled into the neck. In the middle... these floating raindrops use their own lives to decorate this colorful world. I opened the window, reached out, and a drop of raindrops fell on my palm, some cool, really comfortable. The rain is a little bigger. These rains are like layers of gauze curtains, covering the scenery outside the window. From afar, distant mountains, rivers, bamboo forests... looming, oh, a rainy landscape painting!n't know when, the rain stopped quietly and silently. There was a gust of wind on the head, I was deeply sucked, so cool, no winter bones. There is still rain on the leaves: "Well, oh, oh, oh, oh," seems to be the afterglow of a winter rain. In the afternoon, I wrote a diary by the window, and the buzzing sound lingered in my ear. Oh, it��s a bee, it��s flying in front of the glass window.transparent wings of the bees barely notice the vibration, and the black and white stripes of the belly are drooping with thin legs, and the small eyes are also above the tentacles. It should have inadvertently flew into the room Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. Nowadays, it collides with the hard glass and slams the horn of the battle. It was very brave, I was touched by it, but I was moved and saddened by it. It is unaware that the left is the window, the exit to freedom, the path to spring. Unfortunately, it is still in the same place against the glass. In its small body, there is a force that never gives up. This power is strong, no, this is stubborn. Unexpectedly, there are also horns in the bees.
ght of a story that happened in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a good place to find pearls. Every year, tens of thousands of distant visitors come from pearls. When these distant visitors rushed to rush to pearls, others found another way to get rich. I used to wear gloves when I was scouring the pearls, but the gloves were often scratched. A man named Williams turned a sharp turn when everyone was crazy about the pearl Newport Cigarettes Price, and he sold rubber is still struggling, just flying for a while and it is tired. It is trapped in the fighting room by its own stubbornness. It doesn't know: turning a corner is spring.

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