Every time I look at the mirror

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Every time I look at the mirror, the barber uncle trims the bangs for me, I can't help but "snap" a smile. The time I cut the bangs for myself became a memory that I couldn��t erase Cigarettes Online.Sunday morning, I was in a warm bed, and my mother asked me to cut the bangs. Oh, I am too lazy to go to the barber shop to cut it! I cut itst, give Liu Hai a little water, then grab the lower end of the bangs with his left hand Cigarette Online, and take the scissors with his right hand, and cut it in the mirror. When I confidently cut a knife, I was shocked when I let go of my hand. The bangs in the middle were short and the lengths on both sides became a circular arc. This arc is so uneven, it is too ugly.traighten the bangs straight, grab the scissors and put a little on the forehead, and try to fix the ugly "sawtooth". Cut and cut here, cut and cut there, the bangs that originally covered the eyes were cut shorter and shorter. God! How can you go out and see people! I panicked and quickly combed all the bangs up and clipped them with clips. Out of the bathroom, Dad looked at me with a strange look, my face was red. This year's Spring Festival, I have a very meaningful time, not only my birth year, but also because I have passed a green and thrifty year. New Year's Eve, as in previous years, our family sat together and watched the Spring Festival Gala at night. When the Year of the Snake came, the sound of the firecrackers that had been deafening and screaming in the past years turned into a sizzling sound Newport Cigarettes, all because of the spontaneous reduction of the fireworks and firecrackers. Going out the next day Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, there was less rubbish on the ground, and there was less smoke in the air. Of course, I didn't set off firecrackers this year. Although I lost the fun of lighting my own fireworks How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, I made a contribution to improving air quality. the New Year, it is a must to have dinner with friends and family. At the dinner table, we discussed it well. One person is responsible for a bowl and actively implements the "CD"! Be aware that hunger is the number one killer of humanity.s Spring Festival, we are really both environmentally friendly and frugal.

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