After an hour or so, the boss returned to

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After an hour or so, the boss returned to his home and saw the cabinet that was obviously moved by others. He immediately became angry. He quickly ran to the aisle, grabbed the cradle for his children Newport Cigarettes, was the collar of Vanka who secretly slept, picked up the hoe and dragged Vanka to the yard to play a meal Carton Of Cigarettes, and looked at him with fierce eyes. Vanka, holding the ear of the meal card, his mouth facing his ear, screaming, and smashed the waste card.e next morning, the boss did not give him some food or even a drop of water in order to punish Vanka. The guys still try to tease him and let him finish the work that everyone has to do Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Finally, Vanka couldn't hold on, and he passed out because of fatigue and hunger. When the boss saw it, he came to a cold, icy cold water and poured it on Vanka. The cold water made Vanka could not help but shuddered. He woke up. After seeing Vanka wake up, the boss��s hoe hits Vanka��s body like a raindrop. ��Come on! Don��t be lazy! If you are lazy, I will beat you again, and I will not let you eat for three days Marlboro Menthol 100S. You can't drink a drop of water!" The boss yelled, poor Vanka, had to drag the scarred body to work.ys passed by, and Vanka was beaten by the boss every day, and the guys were teasing. Grandpa didn��t pick him up. One month passed. Vanka ran to the post office as soon as he had time, but Grandpa��s reply After a delay, the meal card is desperate.onths have passed. One day, Vanka received a letter, Vanka tears, thinking that Grandpa's reply finally arrived, open the letter to see, Vanka was shocked. He burst into tears. It turned out that Vanka��s grandfather passed away. days have passed, and Vanka has no appetite and spirit. Finally, one day when I went out, I fell down on the street because of my physical strength. He fell down on a street full of ice and snow. The cold wind blew, Vanka fell to the ground, no one had helped him in the past Parliament Cigarettes, and on this day, Vanka died on the street.

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