again, so the burden on the family fell on

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again, so the burden on the family fell on her mother's shoulder. It��s not easy. Grandpa smokes and plays cards. He often loses his money and his temper is still very strange. He doesn��t do business every day. If he loses money, he will ask for it. He still can��t smoke 10 packs a day Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Every day, my mother has to help me to fetch water, pick water, and squat in the street and street to buy a little tea, how old the society at that time! My mother didn��t go up in elementary school. She was picking up water every day and was hungry, so her mother��s body was short. When she was a child, she was very capable. She was running in the sky, running around and taking a lot of risks, but she never gave up because of her family��s beliefs. With her unremitting efforts, the mother finally opened a small supermarket and kept the house in good order, stopping the grandfather from playing cards and smoking. The mother made a lot of money with her own hands, for the younger brother to finish the university, for the younger sister to finish the elementary school, for the second grade to finish junior high school. She, what a great mother! Dedicating my whole life to my family and children, now these children are rewarding her likeface was covered with wrinkles, his hair was white and white... The father was a very, very loving child. The condition of his father was better than his mother, and the family could be regarded as a landlord Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. But my father is very thin and tall. When my father went to Xi'an last year Cigarettes For Sale, he was unfortunately out of a car accident. One leg broke, one leg was broken, and the urinary tube was shattered. One of the fathers was delayed in a small hospital for a long time, so he missed the correct treatment time and was unconscious when he was sent to a large hospital Cigarettes Online. Because the urethra shattered, I had to take the artificial urinary tube every day... My father lost a lot of blood. When I was sent to a large hospital, the body was swollen and no one was like it. The original thin father was like two hundred kilograms. Fat man. The father's arms, legs, and stomach were full of tubes, and 42 bags of blood were lost overnight. When the father was unconscious, his mother lived in sorrow all day, and once she had three eyes and two nights, she almost fainted. At that time, his father died in the front line, and the hospital also asked his mother to sign a critically ill notice, because the hospital stated that his father was already a dead man, only a little hope... The father survived! All relatives gathered to say their father: "If you are in trouble, you will have a blessing." (Now, what is this blessing?) After returning, my father said, "The reason why I survived was for you. Brothers and sisters! If it weren��t for you, I would follow the prince, and you sh all of this, recalling that in the past, that page was quickly turned over in her mind. She turned out the grief and turned out the mourning... She felt regret, she felt helpless... "Why? Why did it become what it is now? Am I wrong?" She has been asking herself in her heart,? "...hehe, I am wrong, I am really wrong... Mother, I am sorry for you, father, I am sorry for you, I am sorry for you... Forgive me for being impulsive, forgive my rebellion, forgive me for what I did before. Everything...From today, give me a chance Marlboro Gold, let me make up for all the wrong things I have done, let me love you so well, and I will definitely not be good to you, I will say It��s all true!�� she said silently to herself in her heart...

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