On a summer day, our family tasted a durian

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On a summer day, our family tasted a durian fruit with the reputation of ��king of fruits��.went home from school that day, and a stench came from me Cheap Cigarettes. I looked around. Finally, I found something in the dark bag like an inflated mace. I took the handle and smacked it in front of my nose and smelled it. "God! What is this strange thing so stinky?" After the mother came back, my mother said, "Fifi, you see, I bought you a good meal." "Mom waits for a while, let me throw this strange thing away." Mom looked at him in a hurry and said, "Don��t throw it, don��t throw it! Don��t throw it!�� ��Why?�� I looked puzzled. Say. "This is what I bought for you." I stunned and said, "Don't be kidding, you let me eat this stinky thing, disgusting!" Mom said: "This is the king of tropical fruit! ��s back Marlboro Red, he brought a fruit and wants to open it. However, his skin is too thick, like a hard armor, with sharp, hard thorns on it, which can't be opened. Dad found another hammer and put the knife on the durian with a hammer. It took a lot of effort to open a seam. Then Dad slammed his hand again and finally opened it.r the durian was opened, a thicker smell came out and the smell filled the room. I quickly pinched my nose and said, "Dad, I can't stand it, don't eat it. It's so stinky, it didn't care for me. He held his nose in one hand and tentatively took a golden flesh. He rubbed it with his tongue and put it in his mouth. He said, "Oh! It's delicious." Watching Dad eat I have a taste, and my mother and I can't help but eat a piece. "Really good." I saidian is like a piece of ice cream that won't melt, especially sweet. This taste is endless. In less than a moment, I ate another piece.didn't expect the skunk durian to taste so sweet in the mouth Marlboro Cigarettes Online.h a big durian will be swept away by us in a short while. turns out that durian is so delicious, this is sweet and sweet, no wonder it is called "the king of fruits" in many countries! On a summer day, our family tasted a durian fruit with the reputation of ��king of fruits�� in summer Cigarettes Cheaper. Our family tasted a durian fruit with the reputation of ��king of fruits�� Online Cigarettes.

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