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The Cleveland Browns have re-signed free-agent linebacker Tank Carder Torrey Smith Jersey , who missed last season with a knee injury.

Carder has been a valuable contributor since the Browns claimed him off waivers from Buffalo in 2012. He has been on the Cleveland roster longer than any player, surviving coaching changes and upheaval.

The 6-foot-2, 235-pounder was expected to start last season before he tore a knee ligament during a Aug. 21 exhibition against the New York Giants. He had surgery and was placed on injured reserve.

Joe Schobert took Carder's spot and made the Pro Bowl in his second season.

Carder has appeared in 77 games with the Browns and was voted a captain in 2016. The Bills selected Carder in the fifth round of 2012 draft out of TCU.
Four of the NFL's longest-tenured referees retired this offseason, and there appears to be mounting concern inside the league as they try to deal with the large quantity of changes for the 2018 season.Two of the league's best referees - Ed Hochuli and Stan Kemp - announced their retirements after this offseason. Hochuli had been employed as an NFL official since 1990 Daryl Johnston Jersey , and was popular for his colorful personality and for often avoiding controversial rulings.The other referees to announce their retirements were Gene Steratore (he officiated Super Bowl 52 and will now join CBS Sports), and Terry McAulay. According to ESPN's Kevin Seifert, the NFL was shocked when Steratore and McAulay retired, though they knew ahead of time that Hochuli and Kemp were going to do so.The league has come under scrutiny for plenty of blown calls in recent years - including phantom pass interference calls and questionable catch rulings. Former officiating supervisor Jim Daopoulos voiced his worries to Seifert."To be quite honest Clint Boling Jersey , I have a concern about the level of officiating because of the inexperience out there and with the new rule changes," Daopoulos said. "You've got so many things that the young officials are going to have to learn and the veteran officials are going to have to learn." McAulay - who will join NBC Sports - also told ESPN that the recent rule changes "are probably the most significant rule changes," he's seen in one year.The NFL underwent a series of rule changes that will complicate matters for referees. In order to clearly define a catch, which now outlines that the player must have "control of the ball J.J. Watt Jersey ," and make "a football move" for a catch to be complete.On top of that, designated members from the officiating office can order in-game referees to eject a player. And finally, players will receive 15-yard penalties if a player lowers their helmet in order to initiate contact with an opponent.With so many rule changes and four referees retiring, the NFL has good reason to have concerns heading into the 2018 season. Fans can only hope that more controversy will be avoided Colton Schmidt Jersey , though that could be asking for too much when you factor in all the changes. Jaren Jackson Jr. Jersey ,

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